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About Me

Welcome to Casual Fangirl!

Camille Brea started fangirling from a young age – mostly over LEGOs or Star Wars, and then moving on to books, and from there traveling and food. So why Casual Fangirl? Because she found that she knew enough to be dangerous, but not enough to know everything, and so she remained a casual observer of things she loved.

And what she loved most was telling stories and seeing stories in everything around us. The joy of storytelling knows no bounds, and so Camille Brea set out to know what she could about our stories, the stories we share, and how stories shape us – which led right back to fangirling about every little thing in life.

While she has an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults and currently works in marketing SEO and metadata, she can always be found with a half-built LEGO set nearby, and will happily talk for hours about her favorite book. If you need to chat about the plot of that new movie, she’ll do it while cooking a comfort meal. Need someone to try a new coffeeshop with? That’s right, Camille Brea will be there. So here’s to the homebodies, the creatives, the lifestyle enthusiast who just like to express themselves and enjoy the stories of life, casually.

Fangirling about a chocolate croissant in Paris, France

XO, Camille Brea