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Casual Fangirl

Ca·​su·​al-Fan·​girl (Noun)

A person who knows a little about a lot. Someone who shows an extremely or overly enthusiastic attitude to everyday things.

I know a little about a lot. And that’s what started it. Skirting around the edges of fandoms has become a hobby of sorts, one that has transitioned into my daily life. Why not fangirl about the little things (like strawberry lemonade or your favorite piece of jewelry), or do a food shimmy because Sweet Rainbow Sherbet that bacon-wrapped scallop was like heaven! Life is full of fangirl worthy moments I want to share with you; from how Tony Stark is the best Marvel character, to why I have an obsession with a sassy death machine called AIDAN, to finding the absolute best coffee stop in almost any city, I promise you’ll never be able to pin me down.

No one ever said fangirling is just for the fandoms. As a creative, have you ever fangirled about a sentence or beautiful prose? A scene in a movie because it was just that good? How about in the middle of a museum surrounded by the art you love? You already know I fangirl for food, because have you tasted some of the masterpieces out there? There is so much to fangirl about, and I want to see it all, every last thing this world offers and fangirl with you along the way.

The base of all my knowledge is in storytelling. For me, story is something that surrounds us, lives with us, changes as we go about our lives. Stories have the power to influence our lives in ways we don’t possibly imagine. Remember that one book as a kid that made you obsessed with Australia (yes, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, Day), or how about Iron Man which showed us that Tony Stark does indeed have a heart, or even that folk tale your grandparent tells you every thanksgiving; all of those things are stories that have influence. We take pieces of these stories with us as we live out lives, and that’s something worth fangirling over.



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