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Random House’s Holiday House

December 10, 2019 No Comments

Random House’s Holiday House: The Know-How of Holiday Parties

The holidays are coming. Well, actually, they’re here. Don’t panic, I’ve got you covered thanks to Random House’s Holiday House event.

Attending Holiday House was a joy, and not just because I got to see my culinary idol (as in THE Bobby Flay). No, it was a joy to attend and be amongst hundreds of book lovers and foodies who wanted insight on what’s the best holiday practices for 2019.

The Foodie

The evening kicked off with two comedians, ahem culinary wizards: Bobby Flay and Michael Symon. But nothing even goes as planned. Between dad jokes and Michael’s commentary on Bobby’s velour track suit, they discussed what it meant to cook at home and create health holiday meals.  Bobby’s remark was be dedicated to stay health, however that looks to you, and keep meals simple and family style. Michael’s discussion focused around his new cookbook and his struggles with health. He battles RA and external lupus, but found a way that food can help heal his body. He said don’t ever call it a diet, because that means you are denying yourself something, call it a lifestyle change for a better you. 

Love Triangles

Next on the floor was Daniel Jones: the New York Times columnist behind the Modern Love phenomena.  He was in conversation with Grace Atwood, of The Stripe and co-host of Bad on Paper podcast, and Becca Freeman, also the co-host of Bad on Paper podcast. What transpired was an engaging and thoughtful look at relationships during the holidays and how to invest in the people you care about. Make time to have one-on-one with people you care for, or even age-old friends who you want to catch up with. Be it a phone call or a personalize card, reaching out is the first step to a health relationship.

Mix It Up!

What’s a holiday party with something to drink? Wine sommeliers Aldo Sohm and Grant Reynolds, and cocktail specialist Brad Thomas Parsons chatted the life of the party with Talia Baiocchi, the Editor-in-Chief of Punch. Champagne is the holiday go-to according to the panel, but if you want a mixed drink Bard suggests planning ahead. He said for the ease of conversation and not putting too much stress on yourself to be host, cook, and bartender, to place a bottle of liquor out along with a few mixers so guests can mix and match different flavors at their leisure.

The Book Nerd

Madeline McIntosh, CEO of Penguin Random House, and Abbe Wright, senior editor at Read It Forward, chatted about books. They talked through some of their favorite books of the year and what it takes to find the perfect book for your Christmas list. They said it may take some searching, but there is a book out there for everyone. For choosing the right book, take into account the person you are looking for and their hobbies, how they live their lives and if you have a favorite book of your own, it’s always worth sharing.

The Motivator

Ending the night was Jordan Lee Dooley, inspirational blogger and author. Her focus was on hosting during the holidays, and her main questions was; is it entertainment or hospitality. While we want to be the life of the party and be the hostess, she also asked us to consider why we are hosting, to what end. She defined the difference between Entertainment and Hospitality this way: Entertainment is about you being the supreme hostess and entertaining others, while Hospitality is all about others and share with them a part of yourself. Most people don’t want to be entertained, but they do want to be loved on. As a parting thought, Jordan said to keep this in mind while shopping and making choices during this season: How will I feel about this in 10 minutes? 10 weeks? 10 years?

This event had some great information for the holiday season, and was so much fun to attend (PS. The Swag Bag was amazing!) I hope you got some good tips and tricks for holiday parties and remember that even though it’s the holidays, don’t stress too much. This is a time to celebrate and be with the people you care for. So get out there, host your party, and enjoy your holidays! But most of all, remember that fangirling about everything holiday is fully appropriate. 

Xo, Camille


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