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Sushi Showdown

June 7, 2021 No Comments

This post has been on my TBW (To Be Written) for so long it has places from Los Angeles, Louisville, and New York. Consider this a Sushi Showdown. From stellar out of the park deals, to the best piece of fish I’ve had, to all-time comforts, this non-exhaustive list highlights some of my favorite must eat at sushi stops.

To-Go Lunch – Wasabi Sushi & Bento

I know what you’re going to say: Fulton Street Station? Sushi. Out of a subway station. I will be the first to tell you it was my go-to lunch during my internship. And sometimes dinner as well before hopping on the 4 Express to 14th street. They have a great variety and stellar to-go boxes for the famishes and the snacking types. At this time, I am unsure of a reopening date.

Unexpected Surprise – Dragon King’s Daughter

Moving my brother to Louisville during a pandemic was no easy feat. Along the way we just kept wanting sushi but with a rental truck and a time change every day, we couldn’t make it to dinner before 9pm at night. Upon our arrival in Louisville one spot kept popping up: Dragon King’s Daughter. From locals to Yelp DKD was THE place. Delicious sushi and foreign beers hit the spot for our sushi needs so well that we went back multiple times! Currently open.

A FEAST at Dragon King’s Daughter

Best Fusion – Q Sushi

Sushi and pizza? What else do you need? The Sashimi pizza at Q Sushi is a cult classic! It’s not too spicy, has fantastic fish on it, and is truly one of a kind. I haven’t found another place that offers sushi in style like this. Never be afraid to change things up a bit. Currently open.

Best Damn Thing – Morimoto

Sadly, it has come to my attention that this location closed during the pandemic. I won’t ever forget when I snagged a seat during Restaurant Week and had the best damn sushi of my life. The fish was incredible and the favor off the charts. Since this location is closed, I can give a different solution: Momosan Ramen and Sake. While is offers some sushi, it’s still Morimoto and a reasonable but fantastic meal for lunchtime. Location is closed.

Old Faithful – SUGARFISH by sushi nozawa 

Truly, nothing else compares in terms of go-to feel good sushi. From Los Angeles to New York, I always find my way to Sugarfish to get my sushi needs met. Trust Me + Unagi is the golden combo in my book and nothing else can satisfy my cravings like plate after plate of premium sushi.

Sugarfish to go was just as excellent!

 Still craving sushi? Check out the Sushi Showdown collection to see all the ones that I could continue raving about. Whether you go to a $$$$ or skim by on $4 happy hour special – there’s no place like the sea. 

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Xo, Camille Brea


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