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They See Me Rollin’ – How to Pick the Perfect Luggage

May 26, 2020 No Comments

Did you know you can fangirl about a suitcase? Yes Ma’am, you can! Not only that, but you can be so proud of it.

When I was moving to NYC last summer, I knew I needed to invest in luggage that could handle traveling across the country (because one of them was bound to carry my pots and pans for my kitchen). This got me thinking about what we want and expect out of luggage. There are so many styles, varieties, and uses for something we so flippantly call — a suitcase.


I knew I wanted something I could spot off the luggage belt, something colorful and fun but classic. Style is a huge part of choosing what works for you. Do you want to be inconspicuous? Do you like color? Is this suitcase something you will use often or every once in a while? Take into consideration if you are planning to buy multiple suitcases. I have a carry-on, a medium, and an oversize for longer travels. None of my suitcases are the same; each of them is a different color because I knew I didn’t want a matching set. However, matching sets can make it easier to pick them out, the choice is yours.


This leads into the question of how often are you traveling? Do you need inline rollers? Double spinner wheels? Three-tiered handle? It’s amazing how luggage has transformed over the years. I remember as a child dragging those bulky fabric inline rollers that never seemed to be going in the direction you wanted. Now, I use a suitcase with double spinner wheels on all our corners for maximum control. Running to Penn Station to catch the LIRR isn’t an easy feat with a weighed-down suitcase. When looking at which luggage will work for you consider what you’ll be filling it with (heavy items or light) and where exactly you’ll be rolling it (Sidewalk, asphalt, gravel).


This one takes people by surprise. Because aren’t all suitcases durable? Wrong. I knew multiple cross-country trips a year was going to have some wear and tear on my luggage, so I always have durability in the back of my mind. With so many options, do your research on products and fabrics for how you intend to travel. Also, with TSA security, be sure that if your suitcase locks it’s TSA compliant. Things like polycarbonate, aluminum, ABS, and polypropylene all grace the description of luggage materials, but each have different resilience to contact. Some have more give. Some are sturdier but can be brittle at the corners. When I upgraded, I chose 100% polycarbonate models; they can take a fair amount of beating in the cargo stow and be buffed clean of scuffs with minimal effort.


More does not equal better quality, or better suited for you. Just because a model has a higher price point doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you. Take into consideration all of the above-mentioned qualities before making price your golden standard. That said, if you are planning to invest for a longer-term use, do take that into account when looking at the price. A $200 investment will last you a long time if you take care of it.

Luggage is an extension of you, your style, your personality, take pride in your search for something new. I settled on Delsey as the brand for me.  They have sturdy but flexible material, four two-wheel rollers on their cases, a 10-year warranty, and respectable linage as a luggage company. Do all of my pieces match? Absolutely not. I thrive on changing things up in a colorful way, so each case is something new, different models, different colors, different purposes. And hopefully, your luggage will reflect you.

Keep Fangirling

Xo, Camille


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